Melawa 8 – Batam’s New Culinary Destination

Melawa 8 Batam's brand new Culinary Destination

Melawa 8 – Batam’s New Culinary Destination

Batam- Indonesia 22nd December 2019. Batam has unveiled a brand new halal culinary destination. Located at Mega Legenda 2 Food Center area – Batam Center

The 39 meter x 18 meters space Melawa 8 offers unique culinary destination concepts like no others. Melawa 8 offers fascinating food and beverage collection from all over Indonesia archipelago some of highlights  are Belakang Padang – Batam’s legendary food. Belakang Padang is a sub-district in Batam City. A myth says that those who go to Belakang Padang Island will have their yearnings met. Thus, a romantic nickname was born: “Penawar Rindu”, the island that soothes longing hearts.. The location of the Balik Padang Subdistrict which borders directly with Singapore makes this sub-district one of the border districts in Batam City. The island is now considered a culinary haven that offers Melayunese dishes some of popular food available at Melawa 8 such as Nasi Lemak Belakang Padang, Nasi merah or red rice, nasi hijau or green rice and lontong sayur or vegetable gravy rice cake.

Another legendary food are from Payah Kumbuh. Payah Kumbuh is the second largest city in West Sumatra, Indonesia, It is in the Minangkabau Highlands. Payakumbuh is known for flying duck races, foods like batiah, small sweet rice cookies; gelamai, a sweet coconut palm sugared snack; and rending some of food his dish is a typical Payakumbuh dish. Pongek Payakumbuh is special food made from jackfruit the aroma is very distinctive and tempting. It’s very tasty, and delicious. Plus the texture of young jackfruit is very delicious to eat with warm rice. Besides pongek, there are several other special Minang dishes here such as popular belut or eel in different method of cooking such with  cabe ijo or green chili, dendeng refers to thinly sliced dried meat, rendang spicy meat dish The best food in the world voted by CNN travel 2017 , rinuak a tiny fish originally from Payah Kumbuh and many more

Another highlight Taliwang Chicken is a typical food of Lombok Island from Karang Taliwang Village, Mataram City, West Nusa Tenggara which is made from chicken meat . Chicken meat served comes from young native chicken that is burned then seasoned with a kind of sauce whose ingredients include dry red chili , shallots , garlic , tomatoes , fried shrimp paste , kencur , brown sugar , and salt . This food is  served with other typical Lombok foods, such as plecing kangkung

Another food outlets include Mayumi Nasi goreng kari kambing or mutton fried rice , Melayunese seafood, and western food a highlight is Italian pizza freshly cook from brick wood-fired ovens of the past. And more food outlets will be open such as Singapore satay, Batam satay and many more

As for beverage some of highlights are Teh talua or teh telor is a tea beverage from West Sumatra. The tea is unique because of the use of egg yolk in its preparation. Chicken or duck egg can be chosen for the tea. Other ingredients, in addition to tea and egg yolk, are sugar and other secret recipe , several great Indonesia coffee from barista expert and not to forget teh obeng Batam specialist tea.

3 meeting rooms are also available at Melawa 8 for those group who want to have private dinner, meeting or celebration 1 private room with capacity 60 persons and 2 private room with capacity of 10 persons each.

Melawa 8 is currently on soft opening stage 4 food outlets and barista bar has been operated open for public for breakfast, lunch and dinner

For more information and booking contact : Melawa 8 Ruko Mega Legenda 2 Blok F2. Batam Center 29461 WhatsApp’s +62811772084