Dino Adventure Track Batam’s New Recreation Destination

Located at Nongsa area, a 30 minutes ferry journey from Singapore via Tanah Merah ferry terminal to Nongsapura ferry terminal in Batam or 15 minutes ride by car from Hang Nadhim airport- Batam.

Upon arrival at Dino Adventure Track you will experience hanging bride lead to entrance door of Dino Adventure Track. You will be welcome by Dino giant egg it’s actually your photo spot opportunity. There are three giants’ eggs one filled with Dino’s baby and the other two are empty and that space is actually for you and your loved one.

Prior exploring the track there is a collection of lizard and information about Dinosaurs right at the corner where visitor can read. Next journey would be exploring the Dino track. Dino Adventure Track its latest kid attraction in Batam filled with several dinosaurs that are almost identical to the original some dinosaurs collection are as follow ; Abelisaurus,Rajasaurus, a Favorite every kid Tyrannosaurus Rex, Tsintaosaurus and Protoceratops. All the Dino’s  can move, blink and sound like the original. Highly recommend for short family retreat

Dino Adventure Track Batam’s Opening hours: 09.00 AM-05: 00 Batam’s time
Price of admission – Entrance to Seaforest + Dino + Rabbit House
August Special – IDR 50.000 Entrance+Dino+ Rabbit House. Applicable for Indonesian weekday and weekend.

Regular Price
Applicable for Indonesian – Weekday: Rp. 60,000 Weekend: Rp. 70,000.
Foreigners : Weekday: Rp. 120,000 Weekend: Rp. 130,000

Or  email : info@fusionadventure.com  or visit : www.fusionadventure.com

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