Belangkas is signature dish at Telok Sengat – Johor Baru – Malaysia

Belangkas or horseshoe crab

Belangkas is signature dish at Telok Sengat – Johor Baru – Malaysia

JOHOR BARU, 21st  January 2020. Fusion Adventure group recently exploring beyond Johor Baru, one of the highlight of  this Johor trip this time is dinner with Belangkas  or horseshoe crab in English.

The restaurant called “  Maklam Seafood Depan Taman “, located at Telok Sengat approximately 70 km from Johor Bahru City or around 1 hour 20 minutes’ drive by car

Mimi or Belangkas ( Limulidae tribe) includes four species of animals ( arthropods ) that inhabit shallow waters of the marshy and mangrove areas. All of them are members of the Limulidae tribe and are the only representatives of the Xiphosuridians who are still passing through on earth. This fossil animal print has not undergone a significant change in shape since the Devonian (400-250 million years ago) compared to its present form, although the species are not the same.The English know him as a horseshoe crab or “horseshoe crab” because of its shape which is considered to be a horse horseshoe .

Apart from belangkas we were also having seafood feast, assorted seafood in big around tray consist of many type of clams, crabs, mussels, soft-shell and surprisingly Gongong also available.   

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